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Soursop, a cancer-killer?

5:00pm. April 18th 2014. I’m snacking on watermelon and Modern Family is on in the background. 

How I’m feeling: I’m so exhausted and sleepy that I’m pulling the “I’m so tired and can’t rest my head anywhere” head bob. I only have enough energy to write a short and lazy post. After this, I’m definitely taking a nap. 


One of the many overwhelming aspects of this whole cancer thing has been learning about how certain foods can potentially increase the effectiveness of my treatment plan and have me go through it with more ease by minimizing the side effects. There are a bajillion of articles and opinions out there on things to avoid and things to chow down on. I’ve done a good job at not going crazy from over-Googling things and making decisions without the advisory of my treatment team. Which I’m sure you can imagine has been really difficult – especially about a month ago around the time of my diagnosis.

When it comes to food, my approach will be that if it does not harm me, is not harmful to my treatment plan and could potentially help me (more comfortably) get through my treatment – then I’ll consider trying it. I really open when it comes to trying new things – and this also applies to food and natural remedies.

One of the “cancer-killing” foods that keep on coming up in articles and blogs has been soupsop. Soupsop is one of the awesome tropical fruits that is native to Mexico, Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America – and some parts in Africa and South East Asia. And so unfortunately, it’s not the easiest to find here in Toronto. Of course, you can find it canned and frozen but I know that there tends to be tonnes of sugar and preservatives packed in pretty much any fruit that’s canned – and sugar and preservatives are some of the things I’m avoiding. Thankfully, my aunt has been purchasing soursop (in whole fruit form) for me. So, I’m happy! I remember snacking on soursop when I was a kid and so when I took my first bite in a long while the other day, a rush of nostalgia came flowing in.


They look like alien eggs. I love it.


When ripe, it’s soft inside and there are black/dark brown seeds the size of almonds. Don’t eat the seeds! You have to use your hands to take the seeds out. It can be labour intensive because there are a lot of them.


The consistency of the fruit is creamy and kind of custardy. Maybe a little gooey.  Eat soursop as it is or throw it in a shake. The other day, I made a shake made from soursop, almond milk and ice cubes.

If you know of any other delicious cancer-fighting foods, feel free to share them below! I’d love to know what information you’ve come across. To those whom are also cancer fighters and are foregoing chemo treatment, let me know what you have started to include in your diet.

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