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May 27th 2014 Speaking Engagement: The strength & power of vulnerability

4:04pm. May 7th 2014. I just got back from a long day with my naturopath. 

How I’m feeling: Great. While I’m tired and will likely need to take a nap soon, my spirits are high and I’m smiling 🙂 


Public speaking is nothing new to me – but what will happen on May 27th will definitely be a first. For the first time, I will be doing a short in-person talk about this cancer and what I’ve been going through as a result over the past couple of months – to complete strangers.

This cancer has put me in quite the vulnerable state. I’ve been poked, prodded, biopsied on, scanned, medicated, been told a whole bunch of things re: what’s happening with me that I still have not yet been able to process, have gone through many physical changes from chemotherapy – and the list goes on and on. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve decided to amplify my vulnerability by sharing some of my unapologetic “in the moment” thoughts, emotions and darkest moments via this blog.

The biggest myth about vulnerability is that it’s a weakness – but based on my experiences even before this cancer, I truly believe that the ability to be vulnerable is something most great leaders and successful people have in common. It is an extremely strong and powerful trait and it’s one of the greatest measures of how much fight and courage you have in you.

On May 27th, my friend Gwen of Start Something Big! will be hosting an event at my friend Neil’s amazing co-working space, Project Owl designed for those who want to well, “Start Something Big” At this event, I will be speaking to the group on the strength and power of vulnerability as it relates to leadership, personal and professional development and life.

Click here to learn more about the event and to register to attend.


Gwen Elliiot’s Facebook Status

Gwen, Thanks for having me be a part of your event and your movement!

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