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My fingernails are changing

2:00pm. May 20th 2014

How I’m feeling: Chemo #4 was yesterday. Other than feeling quite tired, I’m ok. My stomach is not feeling so great but I’m definitely controlling my nausea. I haven’t thrown up today yet. So, that’s a good thing! While, I know that it’s really difficult for me to plan and follow through on my plans too far ahead (due to the unpredictably of the well-being of my life right now) – I’m starting to make some cottage plans for after I’m done my chemotherapy treatment (IF all goes according to plan). I know that by doing so, I could be letting myself down here – but I just want to start thinking about things to look forward to. I figured, if it doesn’t cause cause an stress or anxiety – it’s ok to do it. And well, vacations are supposed to be all about the exact opposite of stress and anxiety! 

I’ve heard that some of the many side effects from chemotherapy can include lines appearing on nails, nail colour pigmentation or discolouration, brittle and dry nails – and even nails falling off. Yikes. (Fingers crossed that that won’t happen to me) A friend’s mom had her nails peel off and while they did eventually grow back, it apparently did cause discomfort.

I’ve definitely been noticing drier skin – including on my hands and nails – but today I noticed that the colour of my nails getting a little darker.


A grey-ish colour starting at the base of my nail. I have natural ombre nails! That ombre look was a thing, right? 😉 haha.

In an attempt to keep my nails in great shape as much as I can through this chemo treatment (and hopefully prevent them from falling off) I picked up some Jamison Vitamin-E Oil and I massage it in to my nails. The oil has also been helpful with getting my scar from my chest biopsy to disappear and I’m trying to experiment with what else it’s good for.


Vitamin E oil. And yes. that’s Professor X on the TV in the background 🙂


Nails after massaging in the vitamin-e oil


Since there is a chance that I may lose my nails, I’m painting them more often these days. I felt like something kind of galactic-like today. It could be because I’m on a little bit of a Star Trek watching marathon these days. And I know – I’ve done a terrible job. I’m not so great at many “girly” things – like nail painting.

Some photos from chemotherapy session #4:


Princess Margaret was eerily empty on this Monday of the Victoria Day long weekend. It was only open for those coming in for chemotherapy treatment and blood work.


All tucked in underneath my warm blanket. Definitely passing out quickly from the Benedryl.


Just woke up from my nap. Still pretty drugged up.

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  1. Surprisingly I’m pretty good at girlie things 🙂 i’d love to come by and do a shellac manicure for you. I don’t have anywhere near the colours that the salon does but I’m sure we could find a colour that you like, and the best thing is that shellac doesn’t yellow your nails like regular polish as it continues to breath. I’ve got some free time and you don’t have to move :). Take care and let me know.

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