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A moment of gratitude

2:25am. May 22nd. I can’t sleep. After writing this post, I’m going to meditate and then actively (or inactively?) try to get some rest.

How I’m feeling: Quite alert – and I think it may be because I’ve come to some sort of a conclusion as it relates to what my intuition is telling me – and it’s freeing. I had a long conversation with a friend today to talk about something I have been dealing with lately – a decision I have been trying to make. From the conversation, it was apparent that I had already made my decision. While it is going to require me being completely vulnerable (I guess I’ve been practicing some serious vulnerability these days, eh?), really exposed and may end up with me being (hopefully just temporarily) hurt – at least I know that I will be at peace with myself. And that’s one of my big goals these days. Being at peace with myself. Life is too short.Β 

Here’s another peek in to my Five-Minute Journal from today – err…yesterday (May 21st – I wrote the incorrect date on the page yesterday morning)


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Today is the one year anniversary of my grandma's passing. I'm quietly enjoying snacks and making a dish that I associate with one of my personal favourite childhood memories with her. An emotional day celebrating how lucky I feel to have had her play the role she did in my life! Love you ba ngoai β€πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ™.#SoGrateful #BanhBo It's everywhere. 
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