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[AUDIO] The roughest chemotherapy session yet

12:53am. June 10th 2014. Woke up from an all day/afternoon/evening slumber.  Right after I hit publish on this, I’m going to meditate and then perhaps go back to bed. That’s probably the best idea. 

How I’m feeling: Not good. Really weak. Ill. Kind of out of breath. Completely knocked out.

An audio recording because my brain is “fozzy” (apparently in the recording I’ve decided to combine fuzzy and foggy) and I’m not turning on my light to do a video recording. I don’t want to completely wake myself up right now because I should probably allow myself to sleep.

Today’s session was rough. I was at PMH at 9:45am. It took 3 tries to draw blood from me and 3 tries to get an IV in me. My veins are getting even smaller and smaller from all of this chemotherapy. I slept for the entire treatment – other than when I had to get up to go to the washroom, when the nurse would come check my vitals and when I caught a friend leaving a sweet surprise for me on my table 🙂

When I got home around 4:45pm, I completely passed out cold – and have been sleeping since then until now. And so I decided to record this:


P.S. I’m probably jumping the gun here, but I’m already sporting this “Survivor” necklace I had made this past weekend from one of my new favourite local custom jewellery companies, Fierce Deer (My “CV” necklace is from them as well) I love it so much. Go support Fierce Deer and tell them I sent you their way! I haven’t survived this cancer (yet?) – but every single day feels like I’ve survived another day of the toughest war/battle I’ve ever had to experience (and may ever have to experience).


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