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[AUDIO] Recovery day 2 after chemo session #6

12:40pm. July 2nd 2014.

How I’m feeling: Quite incoherent and exhausted. My mind is foggy. The chemical taste in my mouth and thickened saliva has been constantly making me nauseated.

I just took my Novo-Prednisone, Teva-Olanzapine and Emend meds – and can already feel the Teva-Olanzapine start to knock me out. So, an audio recording today before that happens!


Corrections in audio recording:

  • By “yesterday’s post”, I meant June 30th’s post.
  • Chemo session #7 is on July 21st

P.S. I’ve recently added a new page to my blog called “Resources”.Β Whether you are a cancer patient or supporting a friend or family member with cancer, I’ve listed some resources I have found extremely helpful through my fight. Check them out here:

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