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July 30th Fundraiser “No Good Woman Left Behind” #NGWLBFundraiser

11:00pm. July 3rd 2014. 

How I’m feeling: Worried. I’ve been more heads down lately trying to really focus on making it to and through what was supposed to be my last chemo session – and then I found out I need more. At least one more – which means more uncertainty and more unpredictability. On top of this, I’m having a tough time not being able to be there for others as much as I want to be. I’m having a tough time dealing with the fact that I can’t get back to everyone as fast and as much as I can. And while I’m much better at it now – I’m having a tough time on focusing on the one and only thing I should be focusing on right now – myself. It’s just that it’s been all about me over the past 4 months – and that’s a long time! Everything seems to be so uncertain in my life. Well, ok. That’s a lie. There’s two things I am certain about 1) My friends and family whom have man-ed and woman-ed up to really support me through this are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Each and every one of you are all doing an incredible job at reminding me to keep on fighting. And that, I will surely do. And 2) I’ve learned how much fight I really do have in me (and I thought I had a lot in me before all of this) I can’t wait to leave this cancer in the corner, on the floor, in fetal position sobbing it’s sorry ass to death. 

Today has been a scary day. As I re-read and reflected on my thoughts on vulnerability this morning – I realized that I’m about to get ready to push the vulnerability envelope even further. None of this is in the least bit comfortable. In fact, it’s terrifying. But I do it for me – and for you and for all of those whom may unfortunately have to go through a similar experience or support a loved one through it.

While I’ve made my ups and downs of my journey public through this blog, it’s tough for me to publicly ask for and accept personal help. It always has been until recently. I have really learned to do so through this chapter of mine. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that really accepting your words of encouragement and care has helped me heal as far as I already have.

And so here it is…

I am so honoured to present to you details for the July 30th fundraiser that near and dear friends of mine are putting on in my honour, to help raise some funds to help me through my fight and to help me raise awareness for Lymphoma Cancer and Young Adults with Cancer. This experience has completely changed my perspective and outlook on life, humanity, communication, the people in my life, love and relationships – and I want to celebrate life with all with you!


While I was admitted at Princess Margaret Hospital, friends surprised me with the idea of raising $20K through an incredible event and campaign to help me through my fight against cancer. I was beyond touched! Honestly, at the point – I hadn’t even thought about all of the costs that would be incurred through my healing and treatment process. I was still trying to catch up with processing and understanding what I was going through.

I don’t have extended medical insurance and so donations and event proceeds will go towards helping to subside my medical and personal costs that I will be enduring over my treatment and healing period. Every part of this fundraiser experience is donated – the talent booking, the performances, the website, the venue, rehearsal space, the auction gift packages, etc. The blood, sweat and tears.

It’s important that I take this as an opportunity to not only raise more awareness of lymphoma cancer but also to try to help other young adults with cancer. I have felt trapped, isolated and lonely through parts of my journey. It’s a whole different ball game fighting cancer as a young adult and as I learn more about it, I will post more resources here!

And really, I love nothing more than the idea of showcasing how amazing some of my people are and to host a big party for friends, family, colleagues and strangers to thank for their support and positive vibes.

I’d really love to see you on July 30th! It would mean so much to me. I’m really really hoping that this event is going to signify the end of chemotherapy treatment for me – but I received not so good news that I need more than what was originally planned – so, we’ll have to see. All I know is that I’m putting my fighting face on and I’m so ready to kick this cancer’s ass to the curb. Come kick it with me on a night of celebration, incredible performances and surprises!

Learn more at
Twitter/Instagram Hashtag: #NGWLBFundraiser
Facebook Event Page:

For Public Relations/Media inquiries:
Nicole Jarosz
Tel: 647-291-3972

To donate live and silent auction items:
Samantha Bradley
Tel: 647-239-8664

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