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I’m in so much pain today

5:18pm.  Wednesday, August 27th 2014. 

How I’m feeling: Sleep deprived and in so much pain. 

There’s been blood everywhere. My nose has been bleeding a lot (as in it soaks up multiple cotton balls one right after another in seconds a lot) and when I brush my teeth, my sink looks like a scene from a horror flick (from my canker sores!) On Sunday afternoon, I was smacked in the face with something not so nice. I felt really weak, had the chills and was sweating profusely. I had trouble sleeping because I was so uncomfortable. All signs of a low white blood cell count. I cannot fight off infections the same way you all can right now.



Getting sick while forgoing chemotherapy can be really dangerous and it can quickly escalate to hospitalization. So, I’ve been shoving extra immune boosting goodness in me all week. It’s important for me to do so because if my white blood cell count dips really low, it’s dangerous for me to move forward with my chemotherapy treatment. At that point, I’d have to get blood transfusion to get my count high enough. And, I don’t want to have to do that.

Today, I am in so much pain and in tears because of it. I have really excruciatingly painful canker sores all throughout my mouth. A common side effect from one of the 3 drugs in my chemotherapy concoction. My wisdom teeth have become a real issue over the past week. And so my entire left side of my face is throbbing with pain.I didn’t get a minute of sleep last night because of it. The pain medications and mouth rinses that my oncology dentist and nurse suggested I’d take and use are not helping.

After speaking with the oncology dental team last week, they will need to extract my wisdom teeth before the stem cell transplant to avoid risk of severe infection. And that’s happening tomorrow. An entire dental assessment is actually a mandatory step along the process for a stem cell transplant! There’s an entire oncology dentistry department at Princess Margaret Hospital for it. I am learning so much through all of this! I’m so impressed.

A big 😦 and OUCH for today.I’m feeling too weak, in pain and tired to get anything done. Even if it’s getting up to get a glass of water. Thankfully, I have some help at my home today 🙂 I’ve been trying to sleep all day – or trying to eat something (ALL smoothies today – and even those were really painful to drink) I’m a little concerned about not being strong enough for Monday’s chemo session. While I have been being even more careful than I normally already am about my diet in an attempt to help along the cancer ass kicking process – now I have to consider things that I have to steer away from because of these cankers and through my wisdom tooth extraction healing. Considering a bunch of things for all 3 are really making me loopy. There already is so much information I can process through this journey of mine. My brain feels fuzzy. As if I’m always on drugs. Wait a minute. Heh.


Am I nervous for tomorrow’s wisdom teeth extraction? Heck no! I want this out of me now! I’ll be swollen and will likely be tired – but I’m not worried. My face and upper body is still already swollen and being tired is nothing new to me these days. I’ve gone through much more – and will up ahead. So, I think I can handle this one 😉

Not that I couldn’t use your crossed fingers!!!! 🙂 There’s a bunch more that goes in to and is carefully considered for tomorrow’s surgical procedure that doesn’t exist with non-cancer patients not forgoing chemo, stem cell transplant and radiation.

Crossed! Keep ’em there! Love you 🙂 *Aggressively reaches through screen and smothers you with a good, long, hard hug*

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    • Ha. You must be on Drugs…yeesh. Ok, Carolyn, it’s a good thing you’re not getting your fingers removed or it would be hard to keep us posted here. Keep kicking butt on this, My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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