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Hoping to be set free today!

9:13am. Wednesday, September 3rd 2014. Waiting at the blood lab at PMH for my number to be called. I’m #28. The queue is at #3.

How I’m Feeling: Really sleepy. Yawn attacks every few minutes.

It has only been 5 days since I was admitted (and released) in the hospital but it feels like it’s been a while. And that’s a good thing because it means that a lot has happened. A lot of good! OR a lot of bad – but I think that depends on how one looks at things. I’m choosing to look at the good.

It’s been tough over the past few days. With one hand and the other hand being sore from being poked and infected it has been tough to change in and out of clothes, hold things, get ready in the morning, shower:


This is how I’ve been squeezing shampoo out of the bottle – with my thighs. hahah.


Freezer bag hand!

…..and just do everyday things.

It’s also been really painful to eat with the situation with my mouth. More so the sores than the wisdom tooth extraction. I barely noticed any “recovery” or side effects from the wisdom tooth extraction. I was just a little poofy on the left side if my face. That’s all, really. Smoothies and baby food have been my jam these days – but even those were tough to get down.

For some good news…

While lymphoma poofiness is still there, wisdom tooth poofiness went down.

On Friday night, I was able to have my first real sleep in a while. The pain meds and meds for my sores that I was prescribed this time around really helped. In fact, right now I am off of the pain meds as the meds for my sores have really helped heal the mess that was going on in my mouth. This means that it has become much less painful to eat over the past few days.

Hooray! 🙂

I went back to PMH on Saturday to get an injection and to have another baggie of meds attached to my IV and to have the pump reprogrammed. I asked the nurse if she could also change my IV as the one that was put in on Friday was getting a little red and puffy. Usually not good signs. As soon as the nurses saw it, they knew they had to change it. I was hoping they could keep it in my left arm/hand (I’m right-handed) but they could not find a good vein. They had to put the IV in on my right hand. So, for 4 days I had a left hand to work with. It was…interesting. On Tuesday, I had to come back to PMH to have my baggie changed again and pump re-programmed. The nurse noticed that there was no blood return in my IV and so they had to take it out and look for another vein. This time, a good (enough) vein was found in my left hand. Woo! I had my right hand back.

Poked all over the place! My veins are becoming more and more difficult to work with. While it’s only been a day, the IV in my left hand is really uncomfy. It kind of hurts.

Wish me luck today. While it’s been kind of funny to hear *zoop meep mop* come from my pump that I carry around 24/7 in a purse ( no fanny pack 😦 ) and I kind of feel like a cyborg – I’d rather be free! More importantly being free from this IV means that my platelets are in better shape/I’m not as susceptible to infections. If all is good, it means that I’m moving forward with the start of GDP chemotherapy cycle #2 on Monday, September 8th (originally scheduled for September 1st pre-this mini setback).

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