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Hospital Visitation Details – October 24th onwards

6:45am. Sunday October 26th 2014 at Princess Margaret Hospital. 

How I’m feeling: A little better. Yesterday afternoon throughout and immediately after the high dose chemo, I reached a really high fever. It was terrible. I was uncontrollably trembling, needed piles of blankets overtop of me, was really nauseous and threw up a few times – and was in so much pain and discomfort. A bunch of drugs were given to me to help relieve me. This morning, I’m still feeling uneasy but I haven’t thrown up yet. I’m not longer trembling and my forehead feels cooler than it did yesterday. I’m even more swollen this morning and it’s really uncomfortable. The nurse is going to take my weight soon to see how much I’ve gained since I was admitted to see if I’m accumulating too many fluids. 

Hi friends,

If you’ve been keeping up with my Blog, Facebook and Instagram posts – you’d know that I have been admitted in to Princess Margaret Hospital for the stem cell transplant which kicks off with a hit of super high dose chemo. Since my admission, many of you have been wanting to come by to visit me at Princess Margaret Hospital 🙂 Wee!


Here are some ground rules that are important to follow. It’s a whole different ballgame this time around:

  • The high dose chemo will cause my blood cell count and platelets to drop down to 0. Amongst many things, this means that I am at a high risk of infection – which can be severe and even fatal with my current condition. That said, if guests are sick or feel they are coming down with an illness they are advised to not make a visit.
  • Upon entering my room, please use hand sanitizer. There are many hand sanitizer pumps located on my floor/section (14-C).
  • Sign in at the 14-C front desk. This is to help the team with infection control.
  • 2 guests at a time in my room. Any more than that, we’ll have to move to the lounge on my floor. I have a neighbour whom just had her stem cell transplant and so I want to be as courteous as I can.
  • I LOVE flowers, but please do not bring any. They are not allowed on my floor and in my room 😦
  • Please do not bring food. My appetite (or lack thereof) is all over the place and my nausea is triggered easily right now – from strong odors and flavours.

Visitation Schedule (visit this section often, as I will be updating it!) If all goes well, I will be out of here November 10th (Day 12 of this treatment program).  

Friday October 24th (Admitted in to hospital) – No visitors, please
Saturday October 25th (IV Hydration and High Dose Chemo) – No visitors, please
Sunday October 26th (IV Hydration and High Dose Chemo) – No visitors, please
Monday October 27th – No visitors, please
Tuesday October 28th – No visitors, please
Wednesday October 29th – No visitors, please
Thursday October 30th – No visitors, please
Friday October 31st – No visitors, please
Saturday November 1st – No visitors, please
Sunday November 2nd – No visitors, please
Monday November 3rd – No visitors, please
Tuesday November 4th – No visitors, please
Wednesday November 5th – No visitors, please
Thursday November 6th – No visitors, please

If you would like to visit, send me a message here and I – or someone on my behalf – will get back to you as soon as we can. Don’t forget to refer to my visitation schedule and indicate in the message which date and time you’d like to swing by!

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