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Managing positive and negative energy (reporting from sunny Mexico!)

9:00am. Wednesday – wait what day is it? It doesn’t matter because I’m on vacation!! I think it’s the 6th?


How I’m feeling: Relaxed. Refreshed. On my way towards being clearer minded. Consciously trying to push out and disassociate negativity out of me. And that’s ok – because sometimes it takes some extra effort. We are human after all.

Hola!! This is my view right now:


Stunning, right? A place where people come to escape, play, de-stress, relax.

The ocean makes me feel so much more connected. It grounds me and makes me so happy. Whenever I’m in it, I feel so honored to be in there. It reminds me that we are all so insignificant. In fact, that’s why I have such a fascination with understanding other natural ecosystems and worlds: space, underwater, etc. We all can learn so much from how these other worlds operate. And I think that we should more often. We have and constantly DO learn from nature in more ways than you would think but I’m going to save those engineer and design-based  insights for another time – and perhaps for another channel.

Whoops, I digressed.

The point I was on my way towards making was that even when this is happening…


…negativity is everywhere. You can’t really run away from it. This vacation isn’t me “escaping” negativity and everything that happened – even if I tried it wouldn’t be the case. People are people. Energy is infectious. No matter what part of the world you are in – or no matter how awesome life is (or choose to see it. It’s all choice). It’s perspective – and people choose how they want to live life. An uncontrollable factor, really. Humans are humans. Life is life – crazy. Crazy interesting. You just can’t escape it. But what you can control is how you manage how connected you are to the energy (negative and positive) around you – and your own energy. Sometimes a vacation can help put things in to perspective in different ways that your everyday environment makes difficult to tune in to. It can re-ground you and pull together parts of you that have disconnected. A change of scenery. A different set of challenges. Different communities. Different worlds within the same…world.

This trip started off with negativity. And I can truthfully say that especially after this year, I’ve learned to manage it much better in a way that works for me. I’ve “had” to make no time for negative and all for positive. I put quotation marks around “had” because it’s all choice. Nobody twists anyone’s arm. Some people diagnosed with what I have been diagnosed with choose to approach their journey differently. I’ve seen it first hand and I understand. It is extremely the furthest away from easy. I can understand why people spin out from this. I can understand why people fall in to a dark hole and cannot climb out. Sometimes moving towards positivity and moving away from negativity – can make a huge difference. And again, it ain’t easy to say the least in my case. It’s what I have done and am doing. Life can be tough – and I am certainly not suggesting to run away from it. In fact, if I did believe in that I wouldn’t be writing. Writing throughout all of this is doing the exact opposite of running away. I’ve chosen to get past surface level stuff and stare this really deep in the eyes – even when things get really dark and ugly. I am also not suggesting that life is all sunshine and rainbows – because it’s not. And there would be little progression if that were the case. I’m suggesting that no matter what or who you are surrounded with – you should not settle for anything short of positive energy. You are worth more than that.

Here’s a very simple example I’m sure you all can relate to: There is a disagreement (not sunshine and rainbows) between you and another party/person. My suggestion is to not run away from it – but approach it in a positive way. There IS such a thing. Disagreements, fights, arguments (and you could look at being diagnosed with cancer the same way) – whatever you want to call them that are not approached positively and progressively are those that are bursting with ego. It’s quite easy to spot out once you understand the role of ego in all of us. We all have it in us. My preference is to revisit when the ego has settled. It’s when problems can really be solved. I’ve spoken and written about the power of vulnerability and innovation – and my thoughts on ego is directly correlated to this.

Side note: For insights on the role of ego in our lives, read A New Earth. I highly recommend this read to everyone and anyone. Do it! I’m audio booking it for the 3rd time. There is always so much to learn. I learn new things from this book each time I read it. It resonates with me in different ways – as I am in and graduate from various stages. Plus, I could use the reminder from time to time.

In my last blog post, I wrote that I’d share my experience at a Young Adults with Cancer roundtable discussion. Technically, I didn’t NOT do this. I unapologetically write what is on my mind. And this was on my mind. But also, so many things discussed at that roundtable have been on my mind.  Here’s one that I’ll share with you that relates to this post.

One of the many questions the moderator asked us (a diverse group of 20 and 30 something year olds whom have or are currently fighting cancer) was “How would you order the following from the most important to the least: Family,/friends Financial, Fertility”. While the answer may have seemed obvious to some of us (and likely to some you) – we all had our own perspectives shift a bit.  One of the answers provided was Financial, Fertility, Family/friends. The gentlemen in his 30s had explained that while it was painful and a surprise to him, his family contributed negativity so, instead of swimming in it – he chose to disassociate himself to save himself. In the healing process throughout and during a battle – and perhaps in life? – gravitate towards who and what you feel are contributing positively to you. You are in survival mode.

Signing off from Mexico! Thanks for reading 🙂

P.S. Was that all over the place? Haha. I’ve promised myself to never re-read my posts and edit them. I hope that made some sense to you. All I know is that it’s very clear in my mind – and I’m feeling relieved.


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