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[VIDEO] I broke my arm: What’s cancer got to do with it?

3:30pm Tuesday April 26th

How I’m feeling: Exhausted: I haven’t been sleeping much for more than a week. In so much pain: I want to chop my arm off. I’m halfway there anyways. Reluctant: to take more meds. Which are now 1/3 of the drug I was initially prescribed – not available in Canada by the way. Those were crazy. I was uncomfortable taking them. Frustrated: about taking longer to do everything. Amused: about how my adaptability muscles are constantly being flexed. Wondrous: about life.

I box. I dance. I hike up and down mountains.

…and my humerus bone snaps (Not my wrist, elbow, shoulder. My humerus)…..from walking to Eataly to order Chef Mario Batali’s beef dip sandwich, of course. If only I had tripped a couple of feet further, I may have landed with that Chicago italian beef in my face. Mmmmm….

Instead, I catch my fall with my arm and it hits a pole – saving my brain. Apparently, I was inches away from smashing my head on the edge of the square base of a light post pole. My arm snaps. I hold my right arm with my left hand, close my eyes and calmly repeat “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe” to my boyfriend while everything around me moves in a blurry slo-mo and I start to see spots.

I find myself in a cab – and according to my boyfriend’s brother whom heard me from the phone, I let out blood curdling cries and screams. Adrenaline was beginning to wear off.

The fuller story here:

Re: the photoshoot at Nathan Phillips Square I was supposed to be a part of: Thanks Eva, Angela and Monica for inviting me to be a part of it. I am honoured and can’t wait to be a part of your next project.

My Ladies Learning Code, OPMA and TimedRight family: Thanks so much for stepping in. I’m so bummed to be missing out on heading out to Niagara to present with my Ladies Learning Code family at Connect 2016.

My family – and chosen family: I can’t thank you enough for all the ways you have been here for me over the past 10 days – and in life. I appreciate and love you all!

Wish me luck for tomorrow’s surgery. I go under the knife at 11:00am. I’m really nervous. And anxious. But I will be ok. This is at least what I have chosen to tell myself 🙂

I will be ok. I will be fine…..right? Just say yes with me.

Thanks for tuning in. Whomever you are.


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  1. Hello there. I am awaiting results for what may be throat cancer (I’m 30). I was just googling a bit and came across your blog here. Your attitude and outlook are so positive and inspiring. I hope you are doing okay. I haven’t fully explored your posts so I don’t know what the outcome has been but I hope you’re okay.

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