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Whether you are a cancer patient or supporting a friend or family member with cancer, here are some resources I have found extremely helpful through my fight. If there are any great resources you found helpful, I’d love for you to share them in the comments below!



This is a really great video that explains cancer-related fatigue – a fatigue that is different than normal fatigue. Thanks so much to Christine for sharing this with me!


Chemo brain. It’s definitely a thing. And no, it’s not the same as being “forgetful” or the brain fog you get when you’re lacking sleep. Please don’t try to relate if you haven’t experienced it. “A healthy brain spends some time wandering and some time engaged,” said Todd Handy, a professor of psychology at UBC. “We found that chemo brain is a chronically wandering brain, they’re essentially stuck in a shut out mode.” Learn more here.


Crazy Sexy Cancer is a great read for those fighting cancer or those supporting a loved one through their fight. My sister purchased this book for me shortly after I was diagnosed and since then my family and I have been hooked. It’s really helped us cope. This is one of those books I wished everyone around me whom is trying to support me through this would read. It’s well written and fun to read! Purchase it here. Below is a link to the documentary. I haven’t seen it as of yet, but I’d love to one day!


It’s a different ball game when it comes to coping with cancer as a young adult – and it hasn’t been easy finding useful resources. Whenever I’m at PMH for treatment and checkups, I’m almost always the youngest person in the room.  Learn about the challenges of being a young adult living with cancer. Thanks so much Nicola for sharing this goodie with me. Also, check out YACC, a fantastic organization dedicated to young adults fighting and living with cancer. It’s an organization I’ve just recently started learning about.


A really great article that describes what it is really like to live with sickness or disability. Check it out. Thanks so much to Anu for sharing this with me!


I used to be one of those people whom would say (and genuinely feel) things like “Meditation is not for me” “I can’t physically and mentally sit still” “I just don’t have time for meditation” “Meditation and I don’t get along” “I can’t do it” “I’m just not wired for meditation” blah blah blah. And well, perhaps it wasn’t until this chapter of mine when it was time for me to develop a close knit relationship with mindfulness and meditation. All I know was that I was depriving myself – and justifying it with excuses – from being good to myself. I will forever remember that time in mediation class on March 2nd. I went to the class in a moment of desperation and almost surrender to just try absolutely anything to help me heal. And I’m glad I went, because I heard and felt a few things for the first time.

Some of the things I turn to frequently now:
HeadSpace web and mobile application
The Power Of Now (Audiobook)
A New Earth (Audiobook)

Thanks to Khalid and Claudia for passing these along to me!


Every woman fighting cancer and especially going through chemotherapy needs to attend one of these workshops. My review on it here.


Did you know that the 5-year relative survival for non-Hodgekins lymphoma (NHL) is 66%. This means that, on average, people diagnosed with NHL are 66% as likely to live 5 years (or more) after diagnosis as people in the general population who do not have cancer.

It is estimated that in 2014:

  • 8,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
  • 2,600 Canadians will die from non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
  • 4,400 men will be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and 1,450 will die from it.
  • 3,600 women will be diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and 1,200 will die from it.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the ins and outs of NHL cancer myself. Here’s some info. Learn some with me.

Also, there is a fundraiser event this Fall 2015 for Lymphoma Canada. Learn more here!


SO many people ask me about my wig. I purchased it at Gabi’s Wig Salon and she and her staff have styled and cut it. They are a great team and Gabi is incredible. Here’s a blog post on my experience with Gabi and her crew.

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