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I can’t thank you enough for your support. Even knowing that you are reading my blog means a whole lot to me. Many of you have asked how you can help support me through this chapter of mine. Other than being incredible friends by constantly checking up on me in-person, via emails, SMS messages, Skype calls, Facebook posts, messages and Tweets – here are a couple of ways you can help:



Share this page to those fighting cancer – or those whom are supporting a friend or family member with cancer. Periodically, I update it with resources I have found very useful through my fight.


The “No Good Woman Left Behind” Fundraiser will be on July 30th 2014 at The Virgin Mobile Mod Club! I love nothing more than to showcase how incredible my friends and family are and to throw one big awesome production for those of you whom have woman and man-ed up to fight this one out with me. I also am so honoured to have been given this opportunity to provide more awareness of lymphoma cancer and young adults with cancer. Parts of this journey have felt very lonely, isolating and confusing – and so I want to do anything I can to help out others whom may go through this – or may have to support a loved one through a similar fight.

To learn more and to purchase tickets for the big show:
Facebook Event Page:
Twitter Hashtag: #NGWLBFundraiser


This Tilt campaign was set up to work towards the July 30th “NO GOOD WOMAN LEFT BEHIND” $20K fundraising goal. After an epic full-house evening at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club and successfully reaching $17,535.00 via ticket sales, donations and auction bids, my friends at Tilt re-opened the campaign to help us to continue to reach the $20K goal.

You can donate here.


Jehan, a friend I went to high school with designs jewelry and generously approached me with the idea of designing a bracelet with me to sell where sale proceeds would go towards me to help me (financially) through my healing process! I wanted a bracelet that would look great stacked with other bracelets and had some colour to it. The “Carolyn” Swarovski gradient crystal bracelet comes in two colours, Ocean and Blush which are inspired by two things I love: ocean water and sexy skin.

The “Carolyn” Swarovski gradient crystal bracelet – Ocean
This bracelet was inspired by the ocean water in Varadero, Cuba. I treated myself to a vacation to Varadero right before I was diagnosed. Looking back, that trip signified the start of a new chapter of mine. I would stare at the ocean water to try to pinpoint my favourite shade of blue along the gradient of colours. I loved every shade from the foamy sandy whites to the rich turquoise blue as the water met the blue skies.

CV Bracelet Ocean

The “Carolyn” Swarovski gradient crystal bracelet – Blush
There is nothing sexier to me than bare skin. This bracelet was inspired by the rush of blood that makes it’s way to the face when one is warm, excited, happy or in love.

CV Bracelet Blush

For more details and to purchase these bracelets, click here!

With so much love and appreciation,
Carolyn Van

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