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Saturday January 25th 2014 – Just an annoying dry cough. Nothing to worry about. It’s probably stress related.

Monday February 17th to early a.m. Tuesday February 25th 2014- Vacation in Varadero to spend some time with my own thoughts and to treat myself to a vacation what was long overdue.

Tuesday February 25th to Wednesday March 5th 2014- Struggling through dance rehearsals. Everyone has a few off-days in the studio every once in a while.

Sunday March 2nd 2014 – Giving meditation another shot. Really hearing and feeling my own breath for the first time! Something was off. 

Wednesday March 5th 2014- Getting my dry (and now wheezing) cough checked out by my physician

Monday March 10th 2014 – Getting a chest X-ray done – just incase.

Tuesday March 11th 2014- Received multiple calls from my physician’s office re: my chest x-ray results. Umm…should I be worried?

Tuesday March 11th to Wednesday March 12th 2014- 10 hours in Toronto General Emergency. What’s going on? What the hell am I doing here?

Friday March 14th 2014- The painful and bloody chest biopsy. Day one of being admitted at Toronto General Hospital. You mean, I have to stay overnight?

Friday March 14th 2014- Received preliminary results from chest biopsy

Wednesday March 19th 2014- Received final results from chest biopsy

Thursday March 20th 2014- Meeting my oncologist – and a new side of me – for the first time

Wednesday July 23rd 2014- DONE WITH CHEMO!

Thursday August 7th 2014- Sent to Toronto General Emergency. Something is not right

Friday August 8th 2014 – Still at Toronto General Hospital. We found out plan A didn’t work out as well as we all hoped it would

Saturday August 9th 2014 – Discharged from Toronto General Hospital. In shock after hearing from the Vascular Surgery team and about my Stem Cell transplant treatment

Friday August 22nd 2014- Admitted back in to the hospital. Something is not right. I’m fevering up

Friday September 26th 2014- The hard truth with my high dose chemo and stem cell transplant

Tuesday October 14th 2014 – My stem cell collection

Saturday October 24th 2014 – Something is not right. Checking myself in to Toronto General Emergency again. Spending my birthday in the dark on my hospital bed.

Friday October 31st 2014- My stem cell transplant

Monday November 10th 2014 – Stem cell transplant complete!

Wednesday December 10th 2014 – Radiation therapy begins

Monday February 2nd 2015 – Shortness of breath got me sent to ER 

I will updating this page as I share with you some of the significant moments and milestones through this chapter in my life.

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  1. I just discovered your site and want to thank you for sharing. My mother was just diagnosed with Lymphoma and we are still waiting for the final set of tests so that we fully know what we are dealing with and the treatment that she will require. The couple of posts that I clicked on spoke to me and as we start our cancer journey, I’m sure that I will be able to get some valuable information here. Thank you again and good luck with your journey!

    • Hi Brenda, Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I’m no expert – but I am going through what some of what your mother may go through, so feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Good luck to your mother and your family through this journey.

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